Farm tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onion, oregano, chilli flakes, rosemary, pink salt, black pepper and brown sugar!

Pizza Sauce (300gms)

  • Ingredients 

    • Pasta of your choice 250g ( boiled)
    • TPF Pizza sauce 100g
    • Olive oil 1 tbsp 
    • Garlic chopped 5 cloves 
    • Black pepper 1/2tsp
    • Salt - to taste 
    • Onion - medium fine chopped 


    • Heat oil, cook the garlic with onion
    • Add the sauce and cook for a few mins , let it thicken up 
    • Add in cooked pasta along with salt with pepper and finish with few basil leafs 
  • Ingredients 

    • TPF Pizza Sauce 1/2 jar 
    • Olive oil -1 tbsp
    • Salt - to taste 
    • Pepper - 1/2 tbsp
    • Veg stock 500ml 
    • Cream 100ml


    1. Blend the sauce 
    2. Heat oil & cook the blended sauce in the pan 
    3. Add in stock or water to get it to the soup consistency 
    4. Season with salt and pepper
    5. Turn off the glass and add in the cream and basil
    6. Serve with garlic crutons