Garlic, chilli pulp, chilli flakes, ginger, himalayan pink salt, apple cider vinegar and paprika in cold press oil!

Burnt Garlic Chilli Oil (170gms)

  • Ingredients ( serves 2)

    • Choice of seasonal vegetables ( cut in small cubes ) - 150g Old boiled rice - 2 cup
    • Burnt garlic chilli oil - 2tbsp
    • Salt to taste
    • White pepper powder 1 pinch.


    1. Heat a wok / deep frypan and add in the oil of the burnt garlic chilli oil
    2. Once hot add in the seasonal vegetable followed by the paste of the garlic from the jar
    3. Cook for 1min and add in rice
    4. Mix throughly and serve hot !
  • Ingredients

    • Choice of seasonal vegetables - 150g
    • 2 TBSP Burnt garlic chilli oil


    1. Heat a pan, add in the burnt garlic chilli oil followed by the vegetable .
    2. Cook on high flame for 2mins and served with any choice of noodles or rice

    Note - for any hard or fibers vegetable par boil it for a min or 2 in boiling water and then add it in the pan and saute