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Farm Products

All our products are 100% natural and made with Ingredients grown at our own farms or ethically and sustainably sourced from local organic vendors

why prodigal farm products ?

With the natural farm space as the foundation, we wish to inch towards our vision of sustainable development gradually; consistently look for ways to achieve it through our ecological, zero-waste products and food experience/ workshops. One of the ways we hope to make impact is through providing our customers non adulterated , genuine, mouth watering products . To accomplish this, our farms food team worked out a way to provide you the best of the products with the farm touch .

We at Prodigal Farms believe in the benefits of fermentation and including it in our food a little by little as its can change around the processing of food in our body and repair our guts and make them stonier to fight through all the world has to offer and building a stronger immune system.

what is fermentation?

Fermentation, a classical preservation technique, is the process of preparing foods with spices or salts, adding bacteria or yeasts to the mix, and allowing them to sit out for a period of days to weeks or even months.


Fermented foods are full of gut-friendly bacteria, aid in digestion are anti-inflammatory, strengthen bones, detoxify the body, aid in weight loss, and reduce cholesterol.


Having enough good bacteria in the gut helps you absorb the essential vitamins and minerals in your food, strengthens your immune system, and helps eliminate cravings for sugars and carbs which lead to weight gain.


Everyone can gain from having more fermented foods in their diets, as the base ingredients are pre-digested by beneficial bacteria and yeasts, making it much easier to digest than the raw or cooked forms.

What is lacto-fermentation ?
Lactofermentation uses the lactobacillus bacteria and some other yeasts which are present on the surface of almost all fruit and vegetables to ferment.

Nothing to do with the lactose in milk, so lactofermentation is vegan-friendly!

By adding the brine in a certain ratio and cutting off oxygen ( pushing the veg under the waterline ), we provide the environment these bacteria and yeasts need to be able to feast and multiply. They release carbon dioxide and lactic acid in the process, which is what causes the bubbles and the sour flavour.
Bubbles are a good sign of lactofermentation progressing well.  
Eat a bit everyday, especially with your meals for an instant population explosion of good bacteria in your gut. It’s a damn tasty way to stay healthy.


Our Product range
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