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Farm School

Our farm school sensitizes and equips the next-gen leaders to work towards environment & sustainable development goals and find solutions for climate challenges through hands-on learning experiences!

With the natural farm space as the foundation, we wish to inch towards our vision of sustainable development gradually; consistently look for ways to achieve it through our ecological, zero-waste experiences and workshops. One of the ways we hope to make impact is through our work with children. To accomplish this, our farm school program co-creates environment and sustainability modules for children in partnership with schools and like-minded organizations.


Pollution Crisis, Water Crisis, Waste Crisis, Health Crisis, Development Crisis, Climate Crisis. 

These are the words that children today are hearing more often than happy, healthy dialogues about their environment. We cannot overlook these issues and focus on the same in our farm school module, however the lens we use is that of finding solutions. While it’s the need of the hour, modern age fails to offer children with hands-on experiences of nature, real-world knowledge of food production, consumption behaviors and consequent waste. Sustainable development to be carried out by next-gen leaders without this fundamental knowledge and relevant skills is self-contradictory and unsuited to accomplish the SDGs by 2030. 

Grow As You Sow program seeks to mobilize the educational resources available in the natural learning space of the farm to achieve a more sustainable future. The modules under this program are based on a multi-pronged approach; including workshops on natural farming, sustainability and innovation. The underlying objective is to integrate the values and practices of sustainable development into different aspects of the module to inspire learners in the transition to a greener economy. The program provides 360 degree support for students (6-14 years), schools, teachers and parents, enabling productive dialogues inside and outside the farm ecosystem.


As adults, we often have a disconnect from our food and where it comes from. Often times, we don’t understand what it takes to get it to us. Allowing our kids to experience a farm, meet the farmers and learn through real, hands-on farm work helps to connect them better to their food and understand the importance of healthy farm systems at an early age. An early farm and food connection can set the stage for healthier food choices, leading to better health and sustainable choices in future.

Tiny Prodigals Module is carefully designed for school children between 2.5 to 6 years. Our sessions with preschools use the natural farm setting in conjunction with indoor classroom programs to provide a unique learning experience. Small batches with passionate farm educators allow the consideration of each child's abilities and interests. Consistent classes through the school year promote social skills and community building. Parent involvement is encouraged through parent farm visiting days.


Similar to our ‘Grow as You Sow’ program that we offer to various Delhi NCR schools, the GLT workshops aim to cater to parents and children that seek to make a conscious shift towards sustainable living. As a farm, we cater to a number of families. As part of our farm experiences, children often visit with their parents. Learning a thing or two about farming, they always go back delighted.  Gradually, it started becoming apparent to us how these little hands loved playing with the soil and grasped the farm ecosystem with much ease.


Parents who homeschool their children or those where the child’s school is not yet associated with us, often discuss their interest in farm schooling. This is when we realized, that while we are collaborating with more and more schools and like-minded organizations to take this initiative forward, we must offer our farming space to children (4-7 years and 8-12 years) who wish to learn independent of their school. Children are the future leaders and future voices and we believe that we must empower them for sustainable living choices that will lead their way to a better tomorrow.

Schools we work with:

Prakriti School Noida

Genesis School, Noida

Shiv Nadar School, Noida

Gyaanshree School, Noida

Lotus Valley School, Noida
Discovery Montessori, Noida
Sketches Montessori, Noida

Also, currently working with Sweccha as School Program Collaborators for their ‘Ride the Van’ program in association with National Geographic.  

A school education program which aims at engaging children across grades 6th ,7th and 8th, on current social issues like Water Pollution, Waste Management and
Sustainable Development.

Schools, colleges or institutes could reach out to us for more details!

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