Our food is prepared with locally sourced ingredients from the farm and food artisans where the produce is celebrated in a zero-mile, naturally grown, chemical-free and strictly seasonal way.

We at the prodigal farms believe food is a expression of ourself, thus we live by the words -

Local, Sustainable & Seasonal which reflects in our food and our effort to make this world a better place a brick by brick.

We strive to revive lost traditional food heritage, forgotten and healing foods, and the concept of slow and sustainable food.


Sustainability also means reducing material waste. We are proudly plastic free and make sure to use tableware, glassware and any other materials utilised are either biodegradable or completely reusable.


We’ve tried, tested the saying:


You are what you eat!

We take pride in our way of preparing raw produce into something so complex yet simple good food

thus we call our style or catering " conscious catering

We have divided our catering after the elements of Mother Nature for easier understand of our guest 





We are so good when it comes to keeping promises or lets just say, we love sharing with you, our "Tales of Farm" and Food and everything in between. So, here it is, the first of many untold "Prodigal Farm stories."

These pictures are from a collaboration with Nature Morte, Delhi during their exhibition "Bread, Circuses, and I" last year in September. This exhibition was an illustration of the Agricultural Community in India, their lives and their unrelenting struggles.

These pictures are from our Christmas Dessert table we did for AirSeva ( AIRBNB ), The Dessert table was  28 hours around the clock which had to feed 700 guest every 14hours, our team pulled it off with such elegance and precision's 

At The Prodigal Farms, the focus of our food philosophy is to bring the best on the plates using locally-sourced ingredients from homegrown suppliers and food artisans. At this wonderful event for PUBLIC HEALTH FOUNDATION OF INDIA in Mumbai, keeping our zero-mile principle in place was our foremost priority. To this end, for all our requirements, we met the local farmers at the farmer market there, strictly used all things seasonal in our recipes, and gave the The Prodigal farm twist to our amazing high tea menu.